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Hi y'all!

This is just to say that we haven't all dropped off of the face of the earth, your MODS (like a fair number of you too from the hiatus numbers) are leading busy lives out in the real world. That doesn't mean we aren't still here and keeping an eye on the community, it just means we've all been trying to juggle work and freetime.

I know we have, sadly, lost a player as Kayla has had to bow out due to other commitments. I shall say now on behalf of all of us MODS that it's been a pleasure to have her and the muses in the community and both Roy and Scott shall be sorely missed.

I know we have a couple of people on hiatus currently, but AC checks last month were rather... lacking. I'm not pointing the finger here, I too failed that for one of my muses, Ethan missed his check by one tag but some people on here haven't tagged at all. I know we all lead busy and often hectic lives but we've tried to make it as easy as possible to pass the AC now with you only needing 3 tags with your name either as a post or as a comment. Posts can be either full dialogue posts on here OR a sws/ssws post.

Anyway! If you just want to drop me a comment to say hi, suggest any plot ideas or feel like discussing the weather you are more than welcome to do so!

Charlie xx

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Lol, I saw like everyone on AIM for the first time ever last night but I was suffering the hang-over of a three day rum binge so I couldn't even talk!

Good to see you're still alive, that one's always nice to know. 'n yeah, I didn't know SWS posts can be counted for activity checks but that's good news to me and I should probably start cross-posting to the comm whenever I make one.

So yeah, just dropping my line here to say I am still about and playing as much as I can and I am eternally sorry for the mockery that was my activity check last month, having passed on just one of my three characters.