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for the purpose of WorldWipe, you have two new team members. Sort of.

Bailey and Daman Crow.

Bailey and Daman are twins, she is the more strong willed, although he is the more powerful. When WorldWipe comes into effect, each character will feel like they have always known Bailey and Daman as members of the team. Additionally, you will all still have relationships with each other.

Daman's power is to warp perceptions/reality. He can make you think something that isn't actually true for a certain amount of time. The longer he's around, the longer it lasts. So, rather than having everyone on edge and cautious and feeling like they are in a new place, everyone will feel like they have been a member of the team for a good while and thus will have developed friendships and the like with people already.

This gives you the opportunity to be friends with people you wouldn't have been friends with. Different histories and personalities affecting the relationships made. So, plot with each other on how you'd act in base, what you'd feel is best of relationships and the like.

Also, here, you can request any kind of relationship with one of the twins. Please read their profile's first, as Bailey isn't about to have a BFF and Daman is unlikely to have a bitter enemy Bailey would've killed them. no lie.

Any questions, as always, ask.
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